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November 18, 2011 in marketing, real estate, Social Media by dc

Facebook Me - Social Media Marketing by Social Networks Manager +1 202 436 6577Social media has greatly changed communication over the past few years. Instead of saying, “Call me!”, a more common phrase these days is “Facebook me!”. The housing market has continued to slide along with the economy and many home owners are wondering if they can sell their home before the value drops more than it already has. As the “technology generation” comes of age, and the “baby boomers” become more technologically savvy many are asking, can I sell my home with social media? Spokesmodel EmmeGirls CEO Emme Porter Spokesmodel EmmeGirls CEO Emme Porter

The answer is a resounding YES! Harness the power of social media marketing with DC’s own long time Washington Capitals cheerleader and coach model Emme Porter and the powerful EmmeGirls social media network to sell your home today. With Emme as your virtual real estate spokesmodel, our video production crew, graphics and editing crew, and our extensive viral social media network we can help you sell your home today!

If you would like to use social media to sell you home quickly call 202 436 5114 today and ask for Emme!

Real Estate Spokes Model Emme PorterBruce Porter Jr is the Social Networks Manager™

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